It is said that as we age, our cognitive capability deteriorates and that this might result in a higher risk of depression and more sickness. This is why it is imperative that we consistently stimulate our minds in different ways to be able to prolong our life and one of which is to travel in order to be active in retirement.

This sounds easier than done. Traveling can be a bit difficult when you do not know the basic how-tos and the cheapest where-tos. Before embarking on a journey, it is important to be ready, especially on the financial aspect. In this article, we will share with you the top 5 cheapest cities you can travel to in your retirement.


The Philippines provides cheap accommodations while at the same time delivers good-quality service and food. The Philippines is an archipelagic country, and this means there are many islands you can hop from time to time. On top of that, there are countless dive sites, gorgeous islands, magnificent waterfalls, exotic foods, etc., that you can try when you choose the Philippines. In addition to this, the country is known for its hospitability to their guests. In that sense, the Phillippines topped our list.


Vietnam is probably the cheapest country you can travel to. They also have the healthiest street foods that you may enjoy such as soup with rice noodles, broth, cilantro, and whole shank paired with a hot coffee. When it comes to accommodation, Vietnam offers some quality hotels at a very affordable price. Although the country is known for its chaotic roads and traffic, it is still worth the visit.


Indonesia can be both cheap and expensive, depending on certain cities and the transposition you will going to have. Hopping from one destination to another can be quite expensive so we suggest you just pick up one to two places to travel to in this country to have a deeper experience with their places. In addition to this, the country is known as for its delicious food and affordable hostels.


India can provide you a very cheap travel ad it offers cheap hostels, food, transportation, etc. For instance, you can rent a room for only $3 although it is expected that you what you will be having is something that is basically like a normal shower or buckets of heated water.

India is divided into two regions, the north, and the south. You might have a difficult time finding a cheap travel in the north, but the south can really provide you that.


Malaysia is oftentimes seen as expensive to travel to probably because it is one of the developed countries in Asia and this fact is known. However, travelers from Malaysia will tell you a different story. The country has several nice destinations such as the Cameron Highlands and the jungles of Borneo. And the hat is great bout these places in Malaysia is that they are all cheap. For instance, an overnight stay in the Perhentian Islands, located somewhere in Kuala Lumpur can just cost you for as low as $8.


There are also other cheaper countries on different continents but if you want to experience a completely different environment from here, travel to Asia and see what it can offer you.