Horseplay Hatch High Range Natcamwar,
better known as Hatch (Sophie x Doc), lives and works on the Paumer Ranch in Clearmont, WY
Red Crystal Range, better known as Cheyenne (Sophie x Doc) loves her life in Crete, NE with the Matejka Family and her dog buddies, Poncho and Cricket.
KS Doc's Red Roper, better known as Roper
(Sophie x Doc)
lives in OK with the Tignor Family
PRA A (Optigen tested)
OFA Hips Good/Elbows Normal

Doc's Lucky Chance, better known as Keno (left, Sophie x Doc) live in BC Canada with Clinton King.  Keno went Best of Breed and Best of Show in his first dog show!!  Congrats!!
Keno passed away after an unfortunate illness, the world will miss him.
Australian Cattle Dogs
Natcam Hindi x Doc's High Range
Date of Birth:1-15-09
1 Girl, 3 Boys
AKC Registered  PRA A or B Obligate