Australian Cattle Dogs
KS Ranch Venom O' The North Wind
Harper x Axl
PRA A Obligate   prcd4 Clear  PLL Carrier
OFA Excellent (Hips), Elbows/Patellas OFA Normal
BAER Bi-Lateral Hearing
Date of Birth: 9-23-12

Sheila is our home bred girl from Harper x Axl.  Anything you need done with cattle, Sheila is your girl!  She's been working cattle since 7wks old, and shows a ton of natural instinct, outrun, drive, that textbook low heel bite, and she shows a heck of a lot of eye too!  You will almost never hear her bark.  She's my right hand girl when it comes to work, and is a super fun companion with very good manners too.
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Short video of Sheila working weaned calves/milk cows @ 4 mos old
Sheila working weaned calves @ 13wks old