Australian Cattle Dogs
KS Ranch Venom O' the North Wind X KS Ranch Life is a Highway-LeDoux It
Sheila                      LeDoux
PRA A, PLL Carrier, prcd4 Clear                       PRA B, PLL Clear, prcd4 Clear 
OFA Hips Excellent, Elbows/Patellas Normal                   OFA Hips Excellent, Elbows/Patellas Normal
Bi-Lateral Hearing                                         Bi-Lateral Hearing

Date of Birth: March 23, 2016
5 Boys, 1 Girl (4 Reds, 2 Blues)
ALL PUPPIES ARE BAER Normal (Bi-Lateral Hearing)

Buffalo Creek JLB Jubal Lee Blu aka Charlie lives with on the
JLB Ranch in MO
Buffalo Creek Rose Braveheart
aka Rose
lives with big brother Sherman and the Lynt Family in MT
Buffalo Creek Ride'm Like You Stole'm
aka Spots
lives in IA with Amy Staples
Buffalo Creek Grateful Heart
aka Tango
lives with Uncle Cedar and the Minick Family in
Ranchester, WY
Buffalo Creek Doux In My Whiskey
aka Whiskey
lives in Natrona WY with the Schmid Family and sire LeDoux
Whiskey is co-owned by Gwen Shepperson and Stacey Schmid
Buffalo Creek Timber Beast Free To Grow
aka Jasper
Lives in Roseburg OR with the Dippel Family